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Mob Psycho 100: Psychic Battle is on iOS and Android

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

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CrunchyRoll Games officially launched Mob Psycho 100: Psychic Battle, an original turn-based RPG that's now available to download on iOS and Android devices. But first off, WOW! When did Crunchyroll start making their own games!? I mean I know I've been out of the loop for a while but I'll say, congrats on CrunchyRoll for expanding their business into an entertainment empire!! So let's start with how easy it is to get this game, if you really don't want to read what I have to say then scroll right down and click on that Apple or Android button to download the game and give it a try. But those of you that just that you'd need something to read while taking a dump in the bathroom, thanks for clicking that link and reading my thoughts on this game.

CrunchyRoll Games did a fantastic job designing the characters, layout and HUD (Heads up display). Love that they got the actual voice actors to voice their characters in the game. The music though needs a bit of work for my taste, but that's just me! For those thinking about the fight mode 5P vs 5P is awesome. The combinations you can do depending on the character selection is very open. So many things you can do with these characters and fights. I'm not going to explain my go-to moves but I sadly do have to admit I got a little help from FG3000 - The Next Hokage on Youtube. Everyone needs help sometimes?

I'm On Chapter (Level) 5 so I'm halfway through the story. But as you play the game you kind of start finding out some bugs in the game. Some button labels have underscores ( Ex: name_name ). Like, really?! Basic code error or they copied and pasted code name into name presentation by accident. Don't get me wrong, games nowadays have to be made quickly while the fans love for the show are at its most but come one guys. I was trying to by a "Monthly Card" so I can get some "Blue Diamonds" that didn't work out so well. I couldn't click the image to take me to the payment screen. I hope they fixed that already.

In fight mode, each character has their own move set and special attacks complete with animated cutscenes. You'll also be able to train and strengthen them through ability awakening, star level upgrades, experience points, and superpower equipment. Give your team a shot against other players in PVP or join forces in PVE arena battles, guild battles, and ladder competitions.

If you are looking to spend some time on the game cause your bored doing nothing in the real world you can also play school games, fishing competitions, and taking care of their pets. The game also has chat, so you can text your friends participating in the sharing system, and tackling challenges on the in-game leaderboard.

This game has a bit of everything. Depending on what you are looking to do you'll be on this game for a while. I'm the type to accomplish all levels, max out all skills and collect as many of everything I can get, ya I'm one of those guys!! So I give this game 4 out of 5. That missing point is for the bugs that are in the game, I'm a bit old fashioned, I don't like putting a product out there with it being triple checked for obvious issues.

Hope this helps everyone, give the game a try and let me know what you think of the game. Are there any other bugs? What do you like, dislike about the game so far? And what do you think they can do to make it better? I'm going to leave you with a youtube video of someone playing the game cause we are CultureCon and we do like all types of entertainment and learning videos.

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